Performance Screening & Biomechanics

At St George Physiotherapy we conduct performance screenings as well as biomechanical running analysis.

Performance Screening


Conducting screenings allows our physios to assess the following:

  • Joint range of motion, both isolated and integrated movements;
  • Muscle strength, in isolation and through range of motion;
  • Neural mobility;
  • Motor control in functional positions (i.e sitting to standing, walking, running, going up and down stairs etc)

Running Biomechanics

Slow motion video analysis of running technique is a useful way of not only identifying technique flaws and compensations but also is great for improving efficiency and increasing speed.

Assessment of running biomechanics looks at:

  • Stride length characteristics
  • Overstriding behaviour
  • Heel striking
  • Cadence faults
  • Trendelenberg gait patterns
  • Over/under rotation through the trunk
  • Tilting pelvis characteristics
  • Over pronation

This allows our highly qualified physios to identify factors that are either contributing to a current injury, or, factors that could potentially contribute to an injury developing.

Our philosophy is as much about prevention as it is about treatment.

Screenings can be conducted on people of all ages and abilities. Our physios can then devise an injury prevention program that targets the issues identified in the screenings.

Help your body perform at its best and book a screening or running analysis today (02) 9546-6880.