Osteofit Exercise Classes

What is Osteofit?

Osteofit has been designed to provide an alternative treatment for those patients suffering from joint related pain.

St George Physiotherapy has set up a balanced ‘circuit’ type training class to promote muscle strength, development and flexibility.

It encourages cardiovascular fitness in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Can Osteofit help me?

Osteofit is designed for both men and women. We also cater for a variety of age groups and ability. Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you last got those legs moving. Everyone in the class is there for the same reason, to loosen up those joints and have fun.


Scientific evidence supports the theory that a gentle cardio based exercise program can help reduce joint pain caused by conditions such as arthritis.

Cardiovascular exercises help promote production of synovial fluid in involved joints. This helps lubricate them the same way as oil lubricates an engine.

Exercise also encourages muscle growth and development at any age. It’s never too late to start exercising!

Prior to Starting

We understand that some patients may not have had much experience with exercise classes but please be assured that we cater for any level.

For all our current patients all you need to do is ring up and put your name down for a class. Its that simple.

For those new to St George Physiotherapy, a quick screening is required to look at any injuries we need to be aware of. Your safety is important to us.

What to wear

We advise wearing comfortable clothes and closed in shoes. Also bring a towel and water bottle.

Current classes run every Monday and Thursday from 10am-11am. Rebates are available. Health funds will often cover group exercises provided by a Physiotherapist. To find out please contact your health fund directly.

First Class is FREE