Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Many of our patients utilise St George Physiotherapy to avoid or delay surgery however on occasion to achieve the best outcome, surgery may be the only solution.

Whether it be an arthroscopy, joint reconstruction or replacement, spinal surgery or fixation following fracture, physiotherapy rehabilitation is an essential part of getting the most out of surgery.

Our team are able to provide a comprehensive approach to your surgery, we provide treatment to help regain mobility of stiff joints and guide you with exercises which will be progressed as you recover and improve.

St George physiotherapy has a working relationship with some of Sydney’s leading orthopaedic surgeons. We follow the most up to date post surgical rehab protocols and where needed will tailor your program depending on your individual goals and your surgeons requests.

Our aim is to guide you from the very early post op stages right through to complete recovery – whether your goal is to return to sport or work, play with your children or just to be able walk the dog.

St George Physiotherapy – helping you return to your pre injury level of activities and sport safely.

So don’t delay your rehab any longer. Call us now (02) 9546-6880.

Post-Operative RehabilitationPost-Operative RehabilitationPost-Operative Rehabilitation